Hopefully you’re a regular at doing chores and keeping up with the mopping, dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing is of no concern to you. However you may be like many of our customers who long neglected a crucial area of their home that really needed cleaning……

We are talking about your air ducts! Those things installed in your home where all the clean, cool air you’ll need this summer is traveling through in order to spread about your house or apartment.

The good news is that you don’t have to clean your air ducts as much as you may need to clean your bathroom or kitchen. However the bad news is that it’s very tough to do by yourself without the right equipment and the right help.

So hopefully you’ve because you understand how much a service provider like ourselves can help you with this heavier duty job, but if not we’re going to explain our air duct cleaning and service in Jacksonville, FL all to you……

Because Your System Needs To Stay Clean

All winter long your home has more than likely accumulated a lot of filth that you probably don’t want to think about…..

Not only will there be an ample amount of dust, lint, dirt, and other particles infesting your space but there’s a chance of mold too. It’s highly important to remove all of this debris regularly so that this junk doesn’t get caked into your air conditioner system.

Your AC will be better able to pump out cool air if it doesn’t have to power through this stuff and risk breaking the many bits and pieces of internal components. Many of the problems we have to come and repair later on have resulted from a lack of regular cleaning, which causes other problems as well……

Your Home May Start To Become A Little Uncomfortable

If your system encounters more difficulty functioning properly, then the air you’re breathing is not going to be as clean as it once was.

Some possible problems arising from a lack of clean air can aggravate any allergies or asthma problems someone in your household may have, and it can leave your home feeling stuffy. This stuffiness at its worst can cause headaches and dizziness.

Simply put it’s not really a great way to live…..

And Future Repairs Can Get Expensive

Besides your machine just getting old or suffering a breakdown out of the blue, future repairs usually arise from all the debris causing problems that hinder its functionality.

A regularly scheduled air duct cleaning and service in Jacksonville, FL will help ensure that all of the parts of your air conditioner will work as if it’s brand new. Without this, you risk needing to replace any fans, coils, motors, or electrical components that have gotten worn due to the increased power it needs to keep functioning.

And obviously this can impact your utility bills as well as the overall lifespan of your unit. So to avoid this, please give Northeast Florida Heating & Air Inc. a call at (904) 783-7003.

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