We understand that life has a way of making even the simplest of tasks seem much more difficult than they have to be, and scheduling a yearly AC tune up service in Ponte Vedra, FL is certainly one of those tasks. However you need to consider how much time you spend in your home and much you depend on you air conditioner to keep you comfortable during every season of the year. You need to understand too that you could save a lot of the money you’re working for by taking this more seriously. No one likes paying for high utility bills! Here at Northeast Florida Heating & Air, we help customers like you maintain their air conditioner and enjoy the following benefits.

The Repairs Get More Expensive

These machines are really finicky and require a lot of expert knowledge to properly maintain, but regular repairs are necessary and predictable. Even the toughest air conditioning brands are going to have at least a few problems from time to time, but neglecting your system may cause severe damage you wouldn’t have predicted. You see over time a lot of lint and dirt gets inside of the system, and causes the parts to heat up and breakdown. Some parts are easily replaced while others will require a bigger investment to fix properly.

Maintenance Is A Lot Cheaper

That’s why you need a regular, at least annual, AC tune up service in Ponte Vedra, FL as this will be your best bet of avoiding the purchase of expensive parts and repair services. On your end, you can regularly replace your air conditioner filters and clean up what debris you can. You can also make sure your outside unit and air ducts are unobstructed. On our end, we can clean the hard to reach parts of your ducts and your AC system, which should be left to us anyways. We’ll also make sure your thermostat is calibrated quickly and all your internal parts are working as well as they should be. A qualified HVAC tech will also make sure your electrical connections are tightened up, that your water is draining out your AC properly, and that it’s working with plenty of refrigerant.

Why we’re Qualified & Can Do This Quickly?

Everyone here at Northeast Heating & Air has undergone a lot of training and acquired a lot of experience to inspect the inside and outside of your unit properly. Our customers depend on us to make sure their unit works when they need it to, and that their utility and energy bills stay as low as possible. Plus we do these tune ups all the time, as well as perform any other repairs and installations as needed. Having a qualified HVAC tech do this tune up is a much better investment in your time and resources than having someone over who may not be qualified. We see this all the time, and our customers always regret paying twice! Give us a call at (904) 783-7003 if you’d like us to stop by soon!

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