Next to your mortgage, your utility bills are typically your biggest monthly expense.  Because of this, it is important to invest in a quality air conditioning system and ensure you protect that investment over time. At Northeast Florida Heating and Air, we want you to feel good about the money you spend on your AC system – whether you intend to purchase a new unit, or are considering one of our affordable air conditioning service and maintenance programs. That is why we offer a free consultation for all new customers. During this consultation we gather information that will help us determine the best AC system or maintenance plan for your home and your budget. Here are a few items we will discuss with you:

How old is your air conditioning unit?

The EPA recommends replacing your air conditioner every 10 years and your heater every 15 years. The good news is that the advancements in efficiency alone are often enough to pay for themselves in a very short time. During your consultation, we will go over some of the latest features available and how they can positively impact your comfort and your wallet. If you’re not in the market for a brand new system, we will provide you with maintenance program recommendations that will help extend the life of your current AC system.

What is the best size and capacity unit for your home?  

During your consultation, one of our trained technicians will review the size of your home as well as your heating and cooling needs to determine the proper size and seer rating of your new system that will be best suited to properly heat and cool your home.

Have you had issues with your ductwork? 

Our experienced technicians will note the condition of your existing ductwork and ask if there have been any issues, such as a buildup of dirt or mold, or any visible leaks. We will also determine whether the ductwork should be cleaned or replaced.

Are you interested in the latest in comfort technologies? 

Ask your Northeast Florida Heating and Air “Comfort Consultant” about the latest AC systems and options on the market, such as ductless AC units, digital or remote-operated thermostats, and whole house automation that upgrade the efficiency of your entire home.

Are you interested in a maintenance program?

If your AC system is still in good condition, investing in regular maintenance is key to keeping it running smoothly. Regular air conditioning tune-ups and checks optimize unit efficiency, improve comfort, enhance IAQ (indoor air quality), and lower repair costs over time. Check out our affordable maintenance programs today, they can be beneficial to your home AND your wallet.

How Northeast Florida Heating & Air can help improve your comfort and cost savings… 

In addition to any general questions you may have about our company and services, we will also discuss the following:

  • Brands and types of HVAC systems we offer
  • Specials or promotions we may currently be offering
  • Installation process (i.e. necessary permits, installation timetable, clean-up, etc.)
  • Payment terms and financing options

The Comfort Consultants at Northeast Florida Heating & Air are happy to answer any other questions you may have about our company and services, as well as how we can best protect your AC system investment. To learn more, or to schedule your free consultation, please call our Jacksonville Florida air conditioning repair company today at 904-783-7003.

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