Jacksonville, Florida has been lucky enough to have had the services of Northeast Florida Heating and Air since 1987. Our company was built from the ground up, two men who had a dream and an ambition and nothing would stop them. For 20 years we have worked hard to mold our reputation into one that we are proud of. Honest, reliable, competent service aimed at satisfying the customer. This is what we dreamed of providing to the community and that is exactly what we have achieved. Our expertise, knowledge, technical abilities and experience has taken us from strength to strength and has made us the formidable company we are today.

Our Company

20 Years of hard work is a long time to be in the business and we have valued each and every lesson and experience along the way. Through hard work and commitment to servicing our community, we have built a reputation which radiates what we stand for. Professional, reliable, competent, honest, experienced, and truly dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our staff are our face to the customer. We ensure that all our staff uphold our values, professionalism and dedication to customer service as well as being more than competent to complete the job at hand. Well trained, qualified and competent staff are what make our business such a success. We are a market leader in the industry because of how serious we are about delivering workmanship that is not easily matched and providing customer service that is flawless. Our customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

We realize how costly heating and cooling systems can be and that installations and even repairs can really be hard on your pocket. We offer a variety of payment methods which allow you to have the system you want without the worry and hassle. We offer financing with approved credit and payments can also be made using all major credit cards as well as a facility to use PayPal services.

Our Services

We, as a professional company , offer services in maintenance and repairs as well as in installations. We have extensive experience within the residential, commercial, restaurant and retail sectors and have experienced great success within these sectors . We are more than capable of performing services, repairs or installations on any make or model of equipment.

We have a team of  competent, well trained and qualified maintenance and installation staff who are more than able to perform any repairs or maintenance and are efficient in carrying out installation projects smoothly and efficiently. We work with any make or model of heating or cooling equipment or associated machinery. We offer maintenance and repairs on chillers, gas units, oil units, refrigeration units, heat pumps as well as electric heater repairs. The list of equipment we repair and maintain is not easily exhausted and certainly not limited to these major items.

We offer service to members in all sectors of the community, residential, commercial, retail and even the restaurant sector. Our expertise and experience is as diverse as the field in which we work.

Call Northeast Florida Heating and Air today. Have an inquiry, looking for a quotation or simply seeking some professional advice, we are your answer.  Call today, and take advantage of what years of experience has taught us. Northeast Florida Heating and Air  (904) 783-7003.

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