Being indoors during the winter is best enjoyed when the furnace is working at peak performance, and we all know that is not always the case. For some reason the heating finds a way to play its part in a way while we’d rather it just played its part and kept the building warm. When this happens, calling a heating and air conditioning service Jacksonville FL is a great way to get the problem fixed for good.

The room is cold – is the furnace on?

A lot of times you have a great heating system installed but the temperature around the house just never seems to be on the up. The most common cases of this can be resolved by confirming that the furnace is getting the power it needs to start producing the much-needed heat. Most furnaces were installed last in buildings, and even when not so, they usually get their own breaker to regulate the power they get from the mains. Be sure to turn each of the switches on and wait to see if the room temperature improves.

After a power cut, temperatures are lower – thermostat reset to default

With the demand for power and gas at its highest point of the year, it is not unusual to experience a power cut or two through the winter, and when that happens, most thermostats reset the programmed settings to factory defaults. Most homeowners seldom check these settings to return them to their preferred levels and times of functioning. You should check and set the thermostat back to the most comfortable settings that match with your schedules and routines. When that fails, it is time to call a heating and air conditioning service Jacksonville FL to sort the problem.

Reduced heat at the same settings as before – clean the filters

Sometimes even when the switches are all on and the thermostat is dictating the most suitable settings for your furnace to be working at, there just seems to be something choking it from providing as much warmth as it did around the same time last year. The way people neglect their furnaces and only think about them when the cold is around means they are prone to dust gathering inside them, particularly in the filters. A ritualistic cleaning session of the filters that ensure that only the cleanest air is burnt to provide you heat should maintain the furnace’s efficiency over a longer period.

Replacements when the furnace has lived to its end

Regardless how long we wish our furnaces to stay in operational state, there comes a time when the wear and tear gathered over a decade of loyal warmth provision catch us with every part of the furnace. When this happens, and you will know when it does – almost everything wrong seems to have happened over the past few days, the noise, the smell and unreliable service, to say the least. Call in a heating and air conditioning service Jacksonville FL on (904) 783-7003 and get the best advice as to the next move.

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