Making the right choice for your heating and cooling needs starts with choosing the right company to install your system. It’s also critical that you choose the right equipment for your needs. Northeast Florida Heating & Air sells high-quality equipment for every budget. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians will also help you to choose the right unit for your home.

Proper Sizing

When it comes to heat pumps installation, efficiency and reliability are crucial features to consider. With the ever rising cost of living that plagues our current times, you want to ensure the heat pump you’ve chosen isn’t too small or too large too warm your living space. Having been in the industry since 1987, we at Northeast Florida Heating & Air understand the value of proper sizing. We will inspect your home and recommend the most suitable unit to purchase.

Custom Solutions

Our goal is to provide high-quality service to all our clients with honest, competent and up-to-date knowledge and skills in HVAC. Our technicians will help you identify a heat pump that will deliver a reasonable payback, reduce operating costs and provide long-term savings. We value every client and strive to provide custom solutions.

Proper Functionality

Some heat pump problems result from poor installation, so you want to make sure everything is done right by hiring a competent HVAC contractor. Our installation experts will ensure your heat pump is installed to manufacturer specifications, which also ensures efficiency. We make use of the latest tools in the industry to install heat pumps, test for defects and ensure your unit is working properly.


A professional installation can also give you greater peace of mind, knowing that safety procedures have been considered during the installation. You can gain a good measure of confidence knowing that you and your family are comfortable and safe. For any inquiries, feel free to call us today.

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