Hurricane season is here…ugh. Living in Florida is great (most of the time), but we must take the good with the bad and prepare as much as possible. This includes taking the necessary steps to protect your AC system. Preparation may not be fun or easy, but a little foresight can save you time and money should a hurricane hit.

What to Do Before a Storm Hits

Cut the Power. If there’s a hurricane on the way, you should take action before it makes landfall in your area. Immediately shut down your AC system and shut off the power to protect it from electrical surges. If you cannot access the master shut-off switch, go for the circuit breaker. Yes, this means you will not have air conditioning during the storm, but it also means your AC system won’t short out in the event of a flood.

Cover the Condenser. When a storm starts brewing, cover your air conditioner condenser with a strong piece of tarp that will protect it from debris and heavy rain. Another option is to build a shelter around it made of plywood. This is an especially good idea if your AC unit is out in the open and unprotected.

Anchor the Condenser Unit. If your AC system was installed after 2007, it should be compliant with the Florida Building Code, which requires air conditioners to be properly anchored in case of a hurricane. If you’re not sure if your air conditioning condenser adheres to these codes, contact the expert technicians at Northeast Florida Heating and Air today, to have your system inspected.

Trim Your Trees. If there are any branches from trees that could potentially cause damage to your AC unit, cut them off before the storm hits. This will better protect your condenser and make it easier to clean up debris after the hurricane.


What to Do After the Storm Hits

Inspect the unit before you turn it on. Once the storm clears, you’ll be tempted to turn your air conditioning on immediately. DO NOT DO THIS. Inspect the unit and make sure everything is in good shape before you flip the switch. Check for damage and to see if it could have been underwater at any point during the storm or if debris ended up in or around the condenser.

Have your AC system checked by a professional. Even with the best preparation efforts, damage can still occur. If there are any signs of damage, it is a good idea to have your AC system checked out by a professional to see if any maintenance is required.

Pay attention to how long it takes your AC to cool down your home. If it takes longer to cool your home than usual, there could be a refrigerant leak. Again, have the experts at Northeast Florida Heating and Air do a maintenance check to make sure everything is working properly.

Should a hurricane or other dangerous storm hit, you can count on the Comfort Consultants at Northeast Florida Heating and Air. We offer 24/7 Emergency Repair Services and are always available when you need us most. Contact us today at 904-783-7003 to receive a free estimate on our air conditioner and heating repair, replacement and maintenance services.


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