We all love our furry family members, but they can wreak havoc on our indoor air quality! Fortunately for pet owners, regular maintenance of your HVAC system will provide you and your family with optimal air quality. Here we discuss how your pets can affect your indoor air quality – and what you can do to minimize those effects and improve the quality of your air.


What is Pet Dander?

The number one issue with pets and indoor air quality is pet dander. These microscopic flakes of skin produced by cats, dogs, birds, rodents and other animals can be a real nuisance. It is also the number one reason why a person may be allergic to a particular animal. People can be allergic to all types of pet dander, but research shows that nearly twice as many people are allergic to cats than dogs.


How Does Pet Dander Affect Air Quality? 

Even if you’re not allergic to pet dander, it’s probably still having a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Just the accumulation of pet dander around your home is enough to cause respiratory issues, sneezing, or other problems. When this dander is picked up and spread around by your AC system, it can become an even bigger issue. How so?  Your AC system sucks up stale air to be used later and all that pet dander that is floating around in the air gets sucked up with it. This can cause your air filters to become clogged and can decrease your AC system’s overall efficiency.


Tips to Eliminate Dander and Improve Air Quality

Change your air filters regularly. This is the easiest way to reduce pet dander and improve indoor air quality. Even though most filters claim to last 90 days, it’s best to change them out every 30 to 45 days, especially if you have pets. This will prevent an accumulation of pet dander build up on the filters.  

Maintain your ductwork. Ductwork is a common place for pet dander to build up and in turn, get blown back into rooms in your home. Make sure to have all your ductwork inspected regularly, and if needed, professionally cleaned and sealed. Click here for information on our maintenance plans.

Bathe pets regularly. Regular brushing and bathing of your pets will help keep shedding and pet dander to a minimum.

Keep a tidy house. Another easy (but not so fun) way to reduce pet dander is with regular cleaning of your home. Tasks such as vacuuming carpets, drapes and furniture, as well as sweeping hard surfaces and dusting case goods, will prevent pet dander and hair from building up around your home.


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