Jacksonville, Florida has been successfully and satisfactorily serviced by Northeast Florida Heating and Air since 1987. Built from humble beginnings some 20 years ago. Two men had a dream, a dream to offer heating and cooling services to the community and ensuring customer satisfaction guaranteed. We have come a long way in 20 years and the expertise, knowledge and experience we have gained along the way have been immeasurable. Our motto has always been to serve and satisfy our customers through honest, reliable and competent service in the trade and we have not disappointed.

Why Choose Us

20 Years of hard work, dedication to our customers and reliable, honest service have allowed us to build a reputation that is invaluable in the trade. We have developed and progressed through the years and gained knowledge, expertise ,and experience that only time can bring with it. Northeast Florida Heating and Air have worked hard to build that reputation and continue to strive for new ways to improve their service to already jubilant customers.

Well trained, qualified, and competent staff are what make our business such a success. We employ our staff only after thorough evaluation of their competence as well as their demeanor and approach to the job and to customers. Our staff are the face of our company. Professionalism is a necessity in the business world today and that is one thing that we strive to perfect. Top class workmanship and impeccable customer service is what puts us a head above the rest. The objective we have when undertaking any job, is 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction and anything less is not acceptable.

Our Services

We, as a professional company , offer services in maintenance and repairs as well as in installations. We have extensive experience within the residential, commercial, restaurant and retail sectors and have experienced great success within these sectors. We are more than capable of performing service repairs or installations on any make or model of equipment.

We have a team of competent, well trained, and qualified maintenance staff who are able to work on your equipment to get it back to running order. Chillers, gas,and oil units, computer room systems, refrigeration, and heat pumps maintenance are all within our capabilities. Of course we are able to take a look at anything that is within this field and advise you on whether it is within our field to repair.

Our installation team is just that, they focus on completing quality installations from start to finish when it is signed off by the satisfied customer. Our team is competent and capable of performing the necessary testing on completion of installation, to ensure the system is working effectively and efficiently. New construction installations are one of our specialties and our staff are efficient in planning, organizing, and scheduling to ensure that the job runs like clockwork to prevent any possible delays. Our aim is to get in, complete and be out of your hair as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to you as possible.

Call Northeast Florida Heating and Air today. Whether you have a repair or some maintenance to carry out or are planning your new construction installation, our staff will easily offer you sound advice and share their expertise with you. Call today, and experience the Northeast Florida Heating and Air hospitality (904) 783-7003.

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