Northeast Florida is known for its warm temperatures, and by providing regular cleaning, repair, and maintenance of your duct system, you will be able to not only maintain air quality but ensure your home stays cool throughout the warm season. If your duct system is exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned below, it may be time to call in a heating and cooling specialist.


While not all air systems whisper quietly, if your ducts are making loud or consistent noises, it could be a cause for concern. Noises that should be addressed include whistling, banging, and thumping and can be related to a problem with the airflow or pressure in your ducts.

Poor Air Flow

You probably have become used to the amount of air that pumps through the various vents located throughout your house. If any of these vents begin to feel like the air is coming out slower or less forcefully, it may be time to make a call. Poor air flow can signal a number of problems including such concerns as blockages, poor seals, cracks, or tears causing the air to leak out.

Biological Growth, Dust, and Debris

Cool air traveling through a duct on a hot day can result in condensation in the ductwork. While this is normal in hot areas, it can lead to growth of harmful particles; if you see any type of growth in or around your vents, have your ducts cleaned immediately to restore air quality. You may also look at getting your ductwork cleaned if you notice significant amounts of dust in your home. Excess dust not only worsens your air but can damage parts of your system by clogging it.

At Northeast Florida Heating and Air, we know the importance of maintaining your duct system and advise our customers on the best ways to repair, maintain, or replace their duct systems to provide them with the air quality and service they want and need. If you are experiencing any of the duct system problems mentioned above, contact us today at (904) 783-7003 to schedule your consultation.

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