Sometimes, heating and cooling systems are in obvious need of repair. If they won’t turn on or provide heated or cooled air, there’s definitely something wrong. However, these systems can need a repair even when they’re performing adequately, and you may be none the wiser. In such cases, the sooner the problem is resolved, the less damage it will cause, and the less expensive it will be. Here’s how to tell if your Jacksonville HVAC secretly needs a repair:

Utility Bills Are Outrageous

Excessive energy consumption can occur in a system that’s covered with grunge. Dirty equipment has to overwork to keep your Jacksonville home comfortable. As a result, it consumes excess energy. If the unit continues to accumulate grime, even high energy consumption won’t be enough to keep it going. A system that sees no maintenance will certainly cause some repairs or possibly a system replacement.

There Are Puddles of Water Around Your Air Conditioner

Puddles usually indicate a clogged condensate line. This can cause your drain pan to overflow causing water damage to floors, ceiling, or walls, depending on where you air handler and drain pan is located. Your indoor air could also become problematic due to toxins collecting in the condensate drain pan.

Air Flow From Your Vents Is Weak

Weak air flow in Florida homes can be caused by ductwork problems. Debris and obstructions that collect in the ducts can impede air flow. There could also be leaks and cracks in the ducts where heated and cooled air is getting out.

Most Jacksonville HVAC repairs can be prevented with regular heating and cooling maintenance. Your service technician will remove the grimy buildup that interferes with efficient equipment performance and clean the condensate drain line and drain pan to prevent blockages and reduce the possibility of contaminated indoor air. Duct cleaning removes obstructions that can interfere with air flow, and duct sealing keeps treated air from getting out.

To learn more about the benefits of duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, visit Northeast Florida Heating & Air. To troubleshoot a possible heating or air conditioning repair, call us to schedule an appointment.

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