The job of an air conditioner is to remove both heat and moisture from the air, so when the humidity levels are excessive (thanks to Florida summers) they work a lot harder. Many systems simply cannot cope with extreme humidity, especially if the equipment doesn’t have sufficient cooling capacity.

Humidity is no one’s friend and that also goes for your air conditioner. When the humidity level in your home is too high, you have excess moisture in the air which significantly impacts the effectiveness of your AC system.

How Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

During high humidity season, your home may end up feeling warmer than it is because the air is holding extra moisture that isn’t being properly removed. This means the system is working longer and harder resulting in lower cooling efficiency and adding wear and tear to your AC system. It can also result in higher utility bills.

Tip: Leaving your thermostat fan set to “ON”, prevents your AC unit from removing as much moisture from your home.

Signs of High Indoor Humidity 

Of course, our Jacksonville AC pros want you to know what to look for. Here are obvious signs of high indoor humidity levels:

  • The air in your home feels moist or muggy.
  • You have foggy windows.
  • There is a damp or musty odor in your home.

Humidity inside your home isn’t just uncomfortable; if left unchecked, it can cause damage inside your home, including mold and mildew, and can also make your family sick.

How Can I Dehumidify My Home?

By reducing the indoor humidity level, your air conditioner will work more effectively and you’ll start to feel more comfortable in your home. Say goodbye to those foggy windows, musty odors and damp air. Plus, because your system isn’t working as hard, you will notice a nice drop in your monthly energy bill. Here are some of the best ways to lower the humidity levels in your home:

Install a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier installed on your AC system will pull excess water from the air before it is sent through the ducts of your home.

Another benefit to installing a dehumidifier is that you can adjust the temperature and humidity level of your home at the same time. A knowledgeable AC professional can recommend a compatible dehumidifier for your air conditioning system.

This is right up our alley, so give the Comfort Consultants at Northeast Florida Heating & Air a call today.

Make sure your AC unit is the right size. You may assume that the larger an air conditioner, the more effectively it can cool a home. This is not necessarily true. If your air conditioner’s capacity is larger than needed, it will not remove the excess moisture in the air as effectively and your humidity levels will remain high.

At Northeast Florida Heating & Air, our expert technicians can help you choose an air conditioning system that is sized properly for your home.

Rid Your Home of Humidity

Don’t let indoor humidity wreak havoc on your comfort or your AC unit! For over 30 years, Northeast Florida Heating & Air has provided high-quality AC services and systems to our friends and neighbors in and around Jacksonville. If you have signs of high indoor humidity, call the Comfort Consultants at Northeast Florida Heating & Air today at 904-783-7003.

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