Heat pumps are durable, reliable, long lasting systems, but even if you maintain your pump well, repairs are going to pop up at some point. You may not know much about heat pumps and when they need repair, but these signs tell you it’s time to call heat pumps repair technicians for help.

Sign 1: Loud Noises

Heat pumps usually operate quietly. If you hear loud noises, there might be a problem developing within your pump. The noises will generally be clicking or grinding sounds. The clicking could show an electrical problem while the grinding indicates a problem with certain parts.

Sign 2: Icing

Keep an eye on your heat pump and if you notice ice developing on the coils, you may have a refrigerant leak. When the refrigerant level is too low, other parts of the pump remain too hot or too cold, which develops condensation. The condensation can quickly freeze. You can chip the ice away from the pump, but it won’t fix the leak.

Sign 3: Modes Won’t Switch

Your heat pump will switch modes between heating and cooling based on your needs. If it seems to be stuck in one mode or another, it likely has a valve that needs to be repaired.

Sign 4: Reduced Airflow

The heat pump has to have good airflow in order to work well. If you notice a reduced airflow in your home, the heat pump may be having issues that is reducing its air flow as well.

Sign 5: Less Warm Air

If your home is chilly and you have the temperature at the normal level, there are a variety of issues your heat pump could be going through.

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