Your family’s comfort is at the top of the list when it comes to responsibilities as a homeowner. Did you know that today’s modern air conditioners can help you experience an unparalleled level?

  • Today’s air conditioners help reduce allergens. You’ll have better relief than with previous models thanks to the HEPA filters and airtight systems sweeping the market today. For your family, that means breathing cleaner air with less dirt, dust, and contaminants in the air while indoors. When you suffer from allergies it can feel like you can’t escape the pollen in the air outside as your eyes start to itch and redden while a headache and cough make you miserable. You can greatly reduce these symptoms with the new systems available today.
  • You and your family will be helping the environment. Today’s models are more eco-friendly than ever before. There are two main causes. Advances in technology have helped tighten the airflow through units with powerful and quiet fans. Secondly, new non-ozone depleting coolants are more efficient than their predecessors and cost less to recharge.
  • You save money on repairs and gain peace of mind. When you purchase a new AC, you have the comfort in knowing your system has virtually no wear and tear on it that makes it vulnerable to breakdowns. Couple that with both manufacturers warranties on the parts and a labor guarantee from Northeast Florida Heating & Air for the installation, and you can completely relax in comfort.

But wait, choosing a great new air conditioner isn’t enough.

Merely investing in a great AC is not the guarantee it will work well and suit your needs.

  • To get an AC to evenly cool the home and keep up with your family’s needs, you need to have the AC properly sized and placed in the home.
  • A technician must carefully inspect and fix ductwork along with a correct installation job.
  • Trust Northeast Florida Heating & Air to perform your air conditioner installation service in Jacksonville, FL. Over 34 years of experience and an active role in the community are what set apart our local business from the rest. When we started business in 1987, our goal went beyond installing air conditioning, but to making connections that help people in Jacksonville live better, happier lives.

You should shop around when you’re looking for air conditioner installation service in Jacksonville, FL, but make sure you pick the business that sets you at ease and meets customer’s satisfaction when you read the reviews.

Pick someone with a strong reputation in the community for their workmanship and communication. Choose a company who will listen and help, choose Northeast Florida Heating & Air because we are known in the area for our customer service and expertise. When it’s time for air conditioner installation service in Jacksonville, FL, get it installed right. Give us a call today.

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