Indoor air quality is so important to the health and wellbeing of your family (that includes the furry members too). If you notice dust particles or unpleasant odors when you turn on your air conditioner, it could be having a negative effect on air quality. A simple way to fix this problem is to purchase a low maintenance UV light from the heating and cooling experts at Northeast Florida Heating & Air. Ultraviolet technology can significantly improve indoor air quality AND help your heating and cooling equipment run more efficiently. Intrigued? Read more…

How do UV lights work?

Controlled ultraviolet (the part of the light spectrum we don’t see) is very effective in destroying a wide array of contaminants such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Paint Fumes
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust & Dust Mites
  • Viruses

The experienced professionals at Northeast Florida Heating & Air can install UV lights directly into your ductwork or near the evaporator coil in your HVAC system. Through a site glass, you will be able to watch how the UV lights operate to eliminate pollutants…pretty cool huh?

What are the benefits of installing UV lights?

When installed correctly and used in conjunction with a high-efficiency air filter, UV lights offer a number of benefits:

Improved Airflow. Ultraviolet lighting reduces contaminants that built up in your system’s ductwork and therefore, heat exchange and air flow both dramatically improve. Airflow that runs more efficiently reduces your home’s energy use, enhances air quality and reduces maintenance costs.


Eliminate Airborne Contaminants. UV lights are the only technology that can completely eradicate living airborne pollutants that a filter can’t trap, (i.e. gasses and germs). For optimal indoor air quality, use the UV lamp in your ductwork as well as high-tech air filter.

Energy Efficiency. Installing an ultraviolet light in your ductwork can reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 35 percent (which also means a lower electric bill). This is because UV lights help your HVAC system perform at optimal levels by reducing power consumption and getting rid of the built-up of contaminants that can negatively impact your system efficiency.

We offer complete UV light installation & repair. If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from installing UV lights in your AC system, please call the comfort consultants at Northeast Florida Heating & Air today at 904-783-7003 to schedule your free consultation. Our air conditioning company services customers in Jacksonville, Julington Creek, Fleming Island, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, and the surrounding areas.

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