With spring on our streets and the beautiful greens and blues emerging across the country, there is no denying that the best part of the year is arriving. Days are getting hotter and there is simply no excuse to not enjoy such wonderful weather whenever we get the chance. One of the most important things we should never overlook is how to keep our house and workspace at a comfortable temperature so that we can keep functioning as productive and positive as usual. This can pose for some the question: Should I get central AC or Ductless HVAC in Jacksonville, FL? Well, we at Northeast Florida Heating & Air are experts in this topic and we’re always happy to help our customers. Which is why we’d like to share with you some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of both types of AC systems. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to decide.

Ductless HVAC

The most obvious characteristic of this type of system is as its name implies, the lack of ducts for its functioning. This makes it easier to have it installed anywhere with little to no complications. Another great feature it has is its ability to maintain the same temperature throughout the day with many different options that we can customize and program. That way, our experience will be much more pleasant and satisfying. The fact that it only cools a specific area works as an advantage when more than one person is in the house and likes different temperatures.

A great plus for the ductless HVAC team is the fact that during winter it can also be used to bring in the warmth that it can collect outside and warm up the inside areas where it’s located.

On the other hand, the installation might require detailed attention and it could be relatively expensive. Picking the right size can also prove tricky if the customer has no previous experience, nevertheless not only are we always happy to assist and evaluate the situation, we would also help you to pick the perfect match for your needs.

Central HVAC

The greatest advantage it can have, it’s how easy it is to keep your house cool in its entirety at the same time. By using a central location and distributing the cool air all around the area, there is nowhere inside where you won’t be able to enjoy a cool time while everyone else is melting with the heat outside your home. It’s also worth noticing that when correctly installed, it is barely noticeable which also adds value to your house and doesn’t affect much of the aesthetics. In other words, if you like your house to look nice and neat, this might be a preferable option.

However, maintenance costs might make you think again and the accumulation of humidity when not taken proper care of could raise the overall price. Unlike the ductless system, this unit requires regular checks by professionals to ensure there are no risks involving malfunctioning or areas where mold can develop. Not to mention the considerably higher installation cost compared to its counterpart.
In other words, though both systems are perfect for some needs, you have to ask yourself what exactly are you looking for. If you require any further assistance or advice on whether to get a central AC system or a Ductless HVAC in Jacksonville, FL, we at Northeast Florida Heating & Air are always available for you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re always happy to help!

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