The air conditioning system in your home is a very important investment, especially for us Floridians. Staying cool in the summer months is not just a luxury, but a necessity, and making sure that investment pays off is a huge priority. If you are purchasing a new AC unit, make sure to pay close attention to the warranty just as you would the cost and features of the system. If something were to go wrong after installation, a solid warranty will help avoid the high costs associated with repair and replacement. Keep reading as we take a closer look at the ins and outs of AC warranties.

What is a typical AC warranty term?

A term refers to the duration of the warranty, and most quality manufacturers stand behind their products for several years after installation. Before purchasing a new AC unit, always look for warranties that have the longest terms.

Tip from our AC experts: Units with lifetime warranties may not cover the cost of labor or may only cover labor-related expenses during the first year. Read the warranty so you know what’s applies to your unit.

What are the common exclusions in AC warranties?

Typically, a manufacturer AC warranty will include a specific warranty term and may or may not cover repairs and/or replacements of all parts such as the evaporator coil, fan motor, compressor, blower motor, etc. Always make sure to look at the exclusions listed in the warranty agreement. Common exclusions may include:

  • Labor costs – The cost of hiring an AC technician to perform maintenance checks or repairs.
  • Installation costs – Most manufacturers do not offer installation services. Seek out a trained AC technician for any AC installation.
  • Repairs or replacements – At any point in time, your AC unit could need repairs or replacement of parts caused by improper installation, environmental hazards, or failure to provide proper maintenance. Most of the time, replacements are not included in a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it possible to void a warranty?

Yes! A simple, innocent mistake could void a warranty entirely, so proceed with caution. Here are some of the more common mistakes:

  • Improper installation – If you do not have a certified, licensed AC professional install your system, the manufacturer will not cover any repairs or replacements, regardless of what is covered in the warranty agreement. Tip: Make sure the contractor provides paperwork showing proof of their installation.
  • Not registering your air conditioner with the manufacturer in the required amount of time after installation. It’s just another step in the process, but an important one.
  • Using parts from a different manufacturer – Do not be tempted to purchase another manufacturer’s parts – even if it is more affordable. First, you are not guaranteed these parts will work properly with your system. Second, it will immediately void your warranty.
  • Not properly maintaining your unit – To properly extend the life of your AC unit, it must be maintained regularly. This means changing the air filters accordingly and hiring an expert for routine maintenance visits. Tip: Always save your maintenance receipts should the manufacturer question the upkeep of your system.


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Are there options for additional warranty coverage?

Because most manufacturer’s warranties are limited, you may consider purchasing either an extended warranty through the manufacturer or a home warranty plan that will cover your AC unit, as well as other home appliances.

  • Extended warranty – Most manufacturers and dealers offer extended warranties that add five to 10 years to parts and labor coverage. Again, all manufacturers have different warranties, including extended warranty options. Always do your research!
  • Home warranty – With a home warranty, your AC is covered for the life of the unit – assuming it is properly maintained – and covers both functional and non-functional parts. Tip: Most home warranties do not cover pre-existing conditions and there is usually a 30-day waiting period between signing and when your coverage begins.


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