Air conditioners are an important part of every Jacksonville, Florida home, especially during our extremely hot and humid summers. Because they work so hard (usually 24/7 during summer and early fall), it is critical to invest in a regular maintenance program. Not only will this prolong the life of your AC system, it will also prevent hazards to your family’s health and safety. According to a 2016 report by the National Fire Protection Association, air conditioners are responsible for an average of 20 deaths, 140 injuries and $82 million in property damage in the United States annually. Clearly, ignoring regular AC maintenance can be dangerous. Here are three ways it can improve the safety of your home.

Prevent Fire Hazards. Air conditioners require a lot of electricity and therefore, the risk of electrical issues increase. Between 2006 and 2010, faulty and poorly maintained air conditioners were responsible for 35 percent of all home fires in the United States! Regular AC maintenance will prevent your AC unit from turning into a dangerous fire hazard.

Improve Indoor Air Quality. The quality of the air inside your home can have a big impact on your family’s health and well-being. If your AC isn’t running efficiently, a buildup of dirt and dander can form, causing allergy symptoms, asthma and other respiratory issues. It can also contribute to higher levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are found in everyday cleaners, building materials, paints, carpets and furniture. In fact, according to the EPA, VOCs can be as much as 10 times higher indoors that the outdoors! Want to breathe cleaner? Investing in regular AC maintenance plans will drastically improve your indoor air quality.

Keep Your Family Cool. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps, even death, as well as exacerbate chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Even more susceptible to the effects of extreme heat are children, the elderly and those with existing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Temperatures can rise past 100 degrees during the summer.



If your air conditioner goes out, it’s not just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Regular AC maintenance will prolong the life of your air conditioner and correct small issues before a bigger problem occurs.

During a regular maintenance visit, the highly trained experts at Northeast Florida Heating & Air check for the following:

  • Check & change air filters where applicable
  • Check the refrigerant charge
  • Vacuum & clean drain line
  • Install pan tabs
  • Inspect evaporator coils
  • Wipe down air handler
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Check safety & float switches
  • Check air flow settings
  • Check & confirm amps
  • Clean leaves & debris from inside condenser
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check voltage readings

If you are interested in scheduling a preventative maintenance visit or would like to sign up for one of our affordable annual maintenance plans, please call Northeast Florida Heating & Air today at 904-783-7003. Our Jacksonville Florida AC company has been serving the heating and cooling needs of our customers since 1987.

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