Anyone that lives in the Sunshine State knows that a Florida summer is no joke – and the key to comfort is an efficient AC unit. In order to get the most out of your AC unit, it’s important to understand how your system works. Our Jacksonville, Florida air conditioning experts are here to help educate you and “debunk” some of the myths about air conditioning. Here are some of the most common misconceptions we hear:

Myth #1: “You can cool your home faster by setting the thermostat as low as possible.”

Fact: Doing this will not (we repeat will not) make your home cool down any faster than if you set the thermostat at your desired temperature. Regardless of the temperature you set, your air conditioner blows out cold air at the same rate, so that means it will take just as long for you to notice a change in room temperature.

Myth #2: “The bigger your air conditioner, the better.”

Fact: One of the most common misconceptions in the heating and cooling industry is that bigger is better. In certain situations, an air conditioning unit with a larger tonnage may be capable of removing heat and cooling your home effectively. However, if the system is too large, it can work less efficiently and even raise your electric bill. The constant stopping and starting of the system, which places an excessive amount of stress on the unit, can reduce its overall function and lifespan, which is called “short-cycling.” Short-cycling also uses more energy, which can result in higher monthly utility bills. At Northeast Florida Heating & Air, our Comfort Consultant will meet with you and discuss your individual heating and cooling needs to determine the best system for your home.

Myth #3: “It’s a waste of time and money to have your AC unit regularly serviced.”   

Again, let’s remember our hot Florida summers. No one wants their AC unit to go down during a heatwave. Regular AC system maintenance is a smart investment to extend the life of your AC unit and prevent a major breakdown. In addition, you will benefit from discounts on parts and receive priority scheduling for service should minor repairs be necessary. To learn more about our maintenance package options, please click here.

Not feeling the chill? With summer on the way, now is the time to repair or replace your aging AC system. To schedule your free Jacksonville, Florida AC system inspection with one of our highly trained NATE certified Comfort Consultants; please call Northeast Florida Heating & Air today at 904-783-7003.

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