If your Jacksonville Beach, Florida, home often smells unpleasant, if the air seems stuffy or dry, or if your family suffers from allergies or asthma, the air in your home might have unhealthy levels of pollutants. Technologies such as air purifiers, UV air cleaners, and ventilation systems can make you healthier by improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers and air cleaners use air filters similar to those in HVAC systems to catch contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, and pet dander. Some versions can also capture viruses and bacteria, but these purifiers also require more power to push air through the filters’ smaller openings. You should change the filter in your air purifier once per month to keep it working well. Whole-home and portable models are available.

UV Air Cleaners

UV air cleaners use ultraviolet lights to damage the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms and keep them from reproducing. They use UVC light, which is more powerful than the sunburn-causing UVA and UVB lights. You can have Northeast Florida Heating and Air install a UV lamp in your ductwork or a coil sterilization light in your air handler. UV air cleaners can help prevent the spread of illnesses, especially if you or one of your family members often get sick during the winter.

Ventilation Systems

The air in many homes is often more polluted than the air outside. A ventilation system (also called an energy recovery ventilator, or an ERV) removes stale air and brings in fresh air. It can even get rid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as toluene, benzene, and xylene. These chemicals are commonly used in commercial cleaners and air fresheners and can cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

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