We spend a lot of time at home. Studies show that an average person spends nearly 80% of their day indoors, at home! That being said, our homes need to be healthy, low toxin environments for our families (that includes the furry members too!). This will not only improve the environmental health of our home but our bodies as well. This summer take some time to improve your indoor air quality with these simple DIY projects. Your mission is simple…restore health to your home and reduce indoor air pollutants.

Build an indoor garden box. It’s time to toss the air fresheners. These are not your friend and contribute to indoor pollution by bringing harmful chemicals into our homes. Instead, go natural and improve air quality by building an indoor garden box filled with purifying houseplants. Check online, your local nursery, or home improvement store to find the right ones for your home.

Resources: How to Successfully Design an Indoor Garden, Video: How to Build Your Own Garden Box

Create a mudroom space. Think about where your shoes travel throughout a single day – public bathrooms, schools, stores, pesticide-treated grass, the list goes on. When you walk back into your home, your shoes bring in germs, bacteria, chemicals and toxins that can get trapped within the carpet, travel through the air ducts and into our air. How can you avoid this? Create a mudroom. Even if you do not have a space in your home for an actual mudroom, you can create a “mudroom” space. It’s simple, just find a spot for shoes (a shoe tray or shelves), install wall-hooks to hang coats and purses and add a basket for smaller random items. This is a great way to stop unwanted contaminants from entering your home.

Resource: How to Design a Mudroom for Different Spaces

Upgrade bathroom vent fans. Homes with high amounts of moisture can be environments where mold and mildew thrive and where dust mites run rampant. A great way to reduce moisture is to upgrade your bathroom vent fans. A properly functioning fan will pull excess moisture out of the air and drastically improve indoor air quality. Make sure that your fans vent to the exterior of your home and not an indoor space. The goal here is to keep as much moisture out of your home as possible.

Resource: Broan Recessed Fan and Light Combo

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